WIP Wednesday: 8 Feb 2023

As every­one makes their way back home from FreeCAD Day 2023, we still have a few things going on in the FreeCAD devel­op­ment world:

  • @uwestoehr has worked to clean up the ren­der­ing of the nav­i­ga­tion cube (PR #8266) and is work­ing to extend the Sec­tion­Cut­ting fea­ture for inter­sect­ing objects (PR #8252).
  • @abdullah sub­mit­ted PRs with two pre-req­ui­sites to the new Noti­fi­ca­tion­Area (PR #8350 and #8352). He plans to respond to feed­back on that front to try to get them merged. One of them intro­duces a new exter­nal library libfmt, which can be head­er-only or pre-com­piled. In par­al­lel, he has start­ed to fix the sketch­er grid tool PR.

PR stats: In the week from Tues­day, 1 Jan to Tues­day, 7 Jan there were 55 pull requests sub­mit­ted and 47 merged, with a total code­base change of +6,155 / ‑3,681 lines (not count­ing trans­la­tion changes). That’s an aver­age merged PR size of +131 / ‑78.

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