WIP Wednesday: 12 Feb 2023

Lots of small pull requests merged in this past week (which is as it should be!). Noth­ing Earth-shat­ter­ing, just con­tin­ued incre­men­tal improve­ment. In the next week:

  • @yorik is work­ing on per­for­mance enhance­ments and code clean­ing in NativeIFC, and hook­ing it to FreeCAD’s doc­u­ment sav­ing so sav­ing the files saver all the IFC con­tents too.
  • He’s also doing some small tweaks to enhance the start page.
  • @uwestoehr is work­ing on fur­ther FEM exam­ple files and that could fix some Mate­r­i­al dia­log issues.
  • @wandererfan reports that in Tech­Draw, recov­er­ing changed 2D dimen­sion ref­er­ences is work­ing in test. This week is han­dling 3D references.
  • @adrianinsaval is work­ing on fix­ing default font issues on the Nav­i­ga­tion Cube.
  • I (@chennes) am work­ing on a pro­pos­al for the FPA to fund a new “Com­po­nent Library” Addon to help the cur­rent Parts library over­come some of its grow­ing pains (it’s got­ten too big for GitHub as a sin­gle repo).

PR stats: In the week from Tues­day, 7 Jan to Tues­day, 14 Jan there were 54 pull requests merged, with a total code­base change of +3,170 / ‑2,251 lines (not count­ing trans­la­tion changes). That’s an aver­age merged PR size of +58/ ‑42.

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