Sketcher Grid Auto-Spacing

This week saw the merge of a long-await­ed Sketch­er fea­ture that has been in progress by a team of devel­op­ers for sev­er­al months: the Sketch­er Work­bench now fea­tures a mas­sive­ly-refac­tored grid view that includes auto­mat­ic-resiz­ing when you zoom in and out, with a refined user inter­face for turn­ing it on and off and chang­ing the scal­ing parameters.

Since late last year devel­op­ers @Pad­dle­Stroke, @abdul­lah­tahiriyo, and @0penBrain have been work­ing togeth­er to pol­ish up a pull request from @PaddleStroke: the final prod­uct is a change that touch­es over 10,000 lines of code spread over 36 files. The under-the-hood changes should help to make the Sketch­er code base more main­tain­able and flex­i­ble, and the auto­mat­ic rescal­ing of the grid makes the user expe­ri­ence much more pleasant.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to the Sketch­er team for this excel­lent improvement!

One response to “Sketcher Grid Auto-Spacing”

  1. i believe, this fea­ture is need­ed for off­set func­tion in sketch­er from Pad­dle right? I don’t use grid myself, but it is indeed a nice addi­tion to FreeCAD.

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