WIP Wednesday: 1 Mar 2023

This past week saw the epic grid sys­tem merge in Sketch­er, plus many oth­er small­er projects (by my count this was the largest num­ber of FreeCAD pull requests ever merged in a sin­gle week!). In the com­ing week:

  • The FreeCAD User’s Con­fer­ence is March 1–3, online. Reg­is­ter here.
  • @yorik has a lot of irons in the fire this week: A new start page tab that helps you to choose which WB to use, a NativeIFC doc observ­er to han­dle doc­u­ment save/load, per-doc­u­ment Draft work­ing plane & grid, and explor­ing mark­down-based wiki systems.
  • I (@chennes) am refin­ing the upcom­ing job post­ing from the FPA for a devel­op­er to work on the “FreeCAD Com­po­nent Library,” and plug­ging away at mak­ing more of the Addon Man­ager’s tests runnable out­side of FreeCAD.

PR stats: In the week from Tues­day, 21 Feb to Tues­day, 28 Feb there were 103 pull requests merged, with a total code­base change of +15,626 / ‑10,734 lines (not count­ing trans­la­tion changes). That’s an aver­age merged PR size of +151/ ‑70.

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