Coming Soon: Sketcher Elements UI Refinement

FreeCAD is con­stant­ly under devel­op­ment, with peo­ple across the world con­tribut­ing code, doc­u­men­ta­tion, ideas, and more. Recent­ly devel­op­er “pad­dle” has been work­ing close­ly with Sketch­er lead devel­op­er abdul­lah to refine a new fea­ture in the Sketch­er UI, and it was merged into the main branch of devel­op­ment this past week. In the new inter­face, an addi­tion­al mech­a­nism for select­ing and des­e­lect­ing the points defin­ing geom­e­try ele­ments was cre­at­ed, mak­ing it eas­i­er to select spe­cif­ic points on a busy sketch.

If you are using one of the Week­ly or Night­ly FreeCAD builds, chances are you have already seen this change: it will be part of the next release of FreeCAD. Thanks and kudos to pad­dle, abdul­lah, and every­one who helped to test and refine the new feature.