FreeCAD Project Association Development Fund

The FPA devel­op­ment fund won’t pay in a pile of coins. But you could always buy them your­self! (Image cour­tesy of Via­jeroEx­travi­a­do).

The FreeCAD Project Asso­ci­a­tion is pleased to announce the cre­ation of the FPA Devel­op­ment Fund (FPADF). The FPADF offers grants to indi­vid­u­als for con­tri­bu­tions to FreeCAD. Grants are cur­rent­ly capped at US$1000 and will be award­ed only for work on the FreeCAD code base.

Any con­trib­u­tor who wish­es to be con­sid­ered for a grant should sub­mit a pro­pos­al in writ­ing to the FPA. The pro­pos­al should state clear­ly how much mon­ey is request­ed and what the con­trib­u­tor intends to create/improve/fix. An esti­mat­ed time­line with major mile­stones should be includ­ed along with clear com­ple­tion criteria.

Pro­pos­als will be con­sid­ered by the FPA gen­er­al body and approved by vote.

The FreeCAD Project Asso­ci­a­tion would like to expand the num­ber and type of grants giv­en. Dona­tions made to the FPA and des­ig­nat­ed DEVELOPMENT FUND will be used for this purpose.

If you would like to see more spon­sored devel­op­ment, please con­sid­er donat­ing to the FPA.

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