WIP Wednesday: 18 Jan 2023

Things are rel­a­tive­ly qui­et in the FreeCAD devel­op­ment world this week. There’s a lot of bug-hunt­ing going on, of course, and many devel­op­ers are prepar­ing to meet at FOSDEM 2023 in a cou­ple of weeks for the FreeCAD Day meet­up. There’s still time to apply for a grant to join us if you are interested! 

Here are this week’s devel­op­ment highlights:

  • The big item for the week is a vir­tu­al devel­op­ers’ meet­ing about the topon­am­ing merge: on Fri­day, 20 Jan­u­ary, 15:00 cen­tral Euro­pean time (UTC+1) we are going to dis­cuss the next step in that process. Inter­est­ed devel­op­ers should con­tact @uwestoehr on the FreeCAD Forums for an invi­ta­tion link.
  • @sliptonic has merged PR 8186 for issue 8185 (Deburr off­set prob­lems), and is con­tin­u­ing tap­ping oper­a­tion work Draft PR 8069, and review­ing all issues relat­ed to unnec­es­sary Z height moves.
  • @openBrain hopes to sub­mit the PR for the Con­tin­u­ous Inte­gra­tion (CI) improve­ments this week. It will remain a work-in-progress, but is ready for pre­lim­i­nary rollout.
  • @wandererfan is engaged in what he calls “pest con­trol” this week. In par­tic­u­lar there is a Mac OS-spe­cif­ic bug with dimen­sion­ing that is a high pri­or­i­ty to resolve.
  • @wmayer con­tin­ues to work towards full Qt6-com­pat­i­bil­i­ty, this week clean­ing up a lot of old-style sig­nal-and-slot usage.
  • @jnxd and @abdullahtahiriyo con­tin­ue to make steady progress improv­ing the Sketch­er B‑Spline code. This work is par­tial­ly fund­ed by an FPA Devel­op­ment Fund grant.

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