New constraint: Point-on-Spline

In very excit­ing Sketch­er news, Ajinkya Dahale’s (@jnxd) work on a the new point-on-spline con­straint was merged late last week and is now avail­able the main devel­op­ment trunk: it will be avail­able in the next week­ly devel­op­ment builds as they become avail­able over the next sev­er­al days.

This B‑Spline project has been many months in the mak­ing, and is thanks to the hard work and per­sis­tence not just of Ajinkya, but also Sketch­er Main­tain­er @abdullah and many oth­er alpha-testers on the FreeCAD Forums. Thanks to all the devel­op­ers and testers who made this excel­lent addi­tion possible.

Give it a spin and let us know what you think: FreeCAD Forums dis­cus­sion is here.

One response to “New constraint: Point-on-Spline”

  1. Hel­lo FreeCAD. Con­grat­u­la­tions for the new feature!

    Greet­ings from Indonesia,

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