WIP Wednesday: 15 Feb 2023

This past week was a very busy one for code merges, with almost 80 pull requests com­plet­ed. Devel­op­ers plan on con­tin­u­ing the high pace this next week:

  • @JohnD/Ond­sel is sur­vey­ing the topon­am­ing branch and con­sol­i­dat­ing a list of affect­ed class­es and intent.
  • @wandererfan began work this week on the prob­lem of dimen­sions los­ing their ref­er­ence geom­e­try after recom­putes or save/restore.
  • @openBrain is improv­ing CI report­ing on GitHub.
  • @jnxd is now work­ing for Ond­sel, and will be con­tin­u­ing his spline enhancements.
  • @uwestoehr has merged the sec­tion cut­ting fea­ture, and is now work­ing on new elec­tro­dy­nam­ics capa­bil­i­ties in the FEM Work­bench spon­sored by the Open Tool­chain Foun­da­tion.
  • @jonasb is doing some cleanup of the Part­De­sign invo­lute gear code and then hope­ful­ly adding pro­file shifting.
  • I (@chennes) am start­ing to merge in the refac­tored Addon Man­ag­er code to sup­port speed­ing up the AM, reduc­ing its net­work load, and prob­a­bly most impor­tant­ly, get it under test for our auto­mat­ed CI.

PR stats: In the week from Tues­day, 7 Jan to Tues­day, 14 Jan there were 79 pull requests merged, with a total code­base change of +17,382 / ‑7,809 lines (not count­ing trans­la­tion changes). That’s an aver­age merged PR size of +220/ ‑99.

One response to “WIP Wednesday: 15 Feb 2023”

  1. Great to see work being done on the topon­am­ing branch and on the prob­lem of dimen­sions los­ing their ref­er­ence geom­e­try. Keep at it! 😉

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