The Little Things: Navigation Cube Update

An image of the navigation cube

One of the ele­ments that near­ly every­one who uses FreeCAD has on their screen when work­ing in 3D is the Nav­i­ga­tion Cube. It pro­vides a sim­ple way of visu­al­iz­ing your ori­en­ta­tion in 3D space, and serves as a sim­ple way to nav­i­gate to pre­de­fined views (“Front”, “Top”, et cetera). A few weeks ago devel­op­er “adri­an­in­saval” (Adrián Insaur­ralde Ava­l­os) sub­mit­ted an improve­ment to the Nav­i­ga­tion Cube that makes the cor­ners much eas­i­er hit-tar­gets, so it’s now eas­i­er to switch to iso­met­ric views of your mod­el with­out going to the menus. Adrián was assist­ed in this ven­ture by “Rexbas”, “Jol­bas” and “dono­valy” (Uwe Stöhr), so if you appre­ci­ate the new, eas­i­er-to-use nav­i­ga­tion cube, send your thanks their way.

You can find the fea­ture in the lat­est devel­op­ment builds of FreeCAD: it will be includ­ed in the next full (non-main­te­nance) release.

2 responses to “The Little Things: Navigation Cube Update”

  1. What would be nice would be to be able to change the manda­to­ry cor­re­spon­dence of X with Right, Z with Top… For exam­ple, in aero­nau­tics, Z is indeed Up but X is to the Back and Y is to the Right. In optics, Z is towards back (direc­tion of light), while X is Right and Y is Up.

  2. I too woul like that fea­ture, note that this is some­what pos­si­ble in the nav­icube where you can change the labels for each face. A true cus­tom coor­di­nate sys­tem would prob­a­bly be very com­pli­cat­ed to do since I high­ly doubt that occt and oth­er libraries would sup­port cus­tom coor­di­nate systems.

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