Tangent constraint at B‑spline knots

This past week marked the merge of a fea­ture that’s been in devel­op­ment since Octo­ber: the abil­i­ty to apply a tan­gency con­straint to a line seg­ment at B‑spline knot points. In addi­tion, the B‑Spline knots them­selves can now be con­strained as any oth­er point in Sketcher. 

Devel­op­er Ajinkya Dahale has been work­ing to devel­op this new fea­ture as part of the B‑Spline Con­straint Project. Many thanks to Ajinkya, as well as to Sketch­er Lead Main­tain­er Abdul­lah Tahiri, for their hard work on this project.

The B‑Spline Con­straint Project is fund­ed in part by the FreeCAD Project Asso­ci­a­tion Devel­op­ment Fund (FPADF). If you have a project you are inter­est­ed in under­tak­ing and are want to apply for a grant to assist in your efforts, read more about the FPADF here.

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