WIP Wednesday: 11 Jan 2023

This week we’re intro­duc­ing a new blog fea­ture: “WIP Wednes­day”. I’m col­lect­ing input from any­one cur­rent­ly work­ing on any kind of FreeCAD devel­op­ment, and let­ting all of you know what they are work­ing on right now, so you can stay abreast of the very lat­est devel­op­ments in the FreeCAD world. Of course, a lot of this is pret­ty mun­dane (I’ve been work­ing on unit tests for the Addon Man­ag­er, for exam­ple), but some­times it’s pret­ty excit­ing stuff (for exam­ple @wmayer has been work­ing on get­ting FreeCAD work­ing with Qt6). Devel­op­ers: if you are work­ing on any­thing you’d like fea­tured here, drop me a line at chennes@freecad.org, or on the FreeCAD Forum.

So, for the week of 11 Jan 2023, we have a few in-progress tasks from var­i­ous developers:

  • @sliptonic (main­tain­er of the Path CNC work­bench) is work­ing on coach­ing @luvtofish on adding a tap­ping oper­a­tion in PR 8069.
  • He’s also work­ing on a PR for bug 7855 (thread­mill col­li­sion) and anoth­er for bug 7600 (adap­tive task pan­el controls).
  • @openBrain is work­ing on our con­tin­u­ous inte­gra­tion (CI) sys­tem so that we have bet­ter auto­mat­ed test­ing of incom­ing code.
  • @wandererfan is work­ing on var­i­ous Tech­Draw projects: eas­i­er 3d dimen­sions (issue 7830), light on dark mode (8062 & 8093), ANSI Y14.5 com­pat­i­ble text, and inves­ti­gat­ing pan­ning anom­alies with zoom at cursor.
  • @Roy_043 is work­ing on some Draft WB bugs: an Undo prob­lem that only affects Win­dows users (issue 8044), and some anno­ta­tion style prob­lems.
  • @jonasb is work­ing on expos­ing the added­num and dede­num coef­fi­cients of Part Design’s invo­lute gear pro­file. This will allow mod­i­fi­ca­tion of the tooth height and thus use the pro­file for things oth­er than full-depth systems.
  • I (@chennes) am work­ing on refac­tor­ing the Addon Man­ag­er to improve its unit test cov­er­age, in antic­i­pa­tion of adding sup­port for a “Last updat­ed” field in the user inter­face. I’m also chas­ing down a cou­ple of bugs relat­ed to the Addon Man­ag­er not prop­er­ly installing addons.
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