FreeCAD 0.21 Released

The FreeCAD team is hap­py to announce the release of FreeCAD 0.21! This release con­tains thou­sands of bug fix­es and hun­dreds of oth­er improve­ments. New Sketch­er tools, improved Tech­Draw fea­tures, and sig­nif­i­cant advances in the finite ele­ment method (FEM) work­bench are just a few of the many areas devel­op­ers worked on over the last year. More details can be found on the wiki v0.21 Release Page

Get the lat­est ver­sion at our down­loads page!

2 responses to “FreeCAD 0.21 Released”

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  2. […] back to WIP Wednes­day! After a short hia­tus while we pre­pared for the 0.21.0 release, we’re back out of the fea­ture freeze, and FreeCAD devel­op­ment con­tin­ues apace. […]

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