First FPA sponsored development

Edit­ing a spline in Sketch­er with Ajinkya Dahale’s new code.

The FreeCAD Project Asso­ci­a­tion (FPA) was cre­at­ed to fur­ther the devel­op­ment of the FreeCAD appli­ca­tion by pro­vid­ing a legal enti­ty that can receive and dis­purse donations.

Recent­ly, the FPA took an impor­tant first step by join­ing a grow­ing com­mu­ni­ty that is already spon­sor­ing devel­op­ment work being done by Ajinkya Dahale (User jnxd on the forum).

Ajinkya pro­posed numer­ous improve­ments to the spline han­dling in the sketch­er work­bench. He raised funds from many mem­bers to do this work and has large­ly com­plet­ed stage one. The FPA will be con­tribut­ing to the sec­ond stage which will focus on func­tion­al­i­ty to cre­ate more inter­est­ing curves not pos­si­ble by knot posi­tion and slope alone.

You can fol­low his progress on the forum.

If you would like to see more spon­sored devel­op­ment, please con­sid­er donat­ing to the FPA.

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