WIP Wednesday: 29 Mar 2023

This past week saw the removal of the old Image work­bench and the inte­gra­tion of its func­tion­al­i­ty into the core of FreeCAD, the merge of a sig­nif­i­cant usabil­i­ty improve­ment to fil­lets and cham­fers in the Part Design work­bench, the merge of the last of the Topo­log­i­cal Nam­ing Prob­lem mit­i­ga­tion Stage 1 PRs, and the con­sol­i­da­tion of some Work­bench-relat­ed options into the Work­bench­es pref­er­ence pane.

In this upcom­ing week:

  • From @yorik: “Lots going on in NativeIFC for me: I’m look­ing at using ifcopen­shell to per­form HLR ren­der­ing, and start­ed inte­grat­ing NativeIFC and BIM addons.”
  • @wandererfan is begin­ning phase 2 of Dimen­sion ref­er­ence TNP mitigation.
  • @wwmayer reports: “I will fin­ish the last step of the Qt6 port of the Tech­Draw mod­ule. Since QtXml­Pat­terns has been dropped in Qt6 the only true alter­na­tive would be to add some oth­er fat library based on Xerces like xalan or xqil­la if we want­ed to have true XQuery/XPath sup­port. But since this is like using a sledge­ham­mer to crack a nut I decid­ed to imple­ment an algo­rithm that tra­vers­es the DOM doc­u­ment and col­lects the required ele­ments directly.”
  • I (@chennes) am get­ting clos­er to merg­ing the Addon Man­ager’s big data-source refac­tor, but the actu­al merge is still at least sev­er­al weeks away. I’ll con­tin­ue to merge the small pieces of it that can be split off with­out break­ing anything.

PR stats: In the week from Tues­day, 21 Mar to Tues­day, 28 Mar there were 113 pull requests merged, with a total code­base change of +17,627 / ‑33,614 lines (not count­ing trans­la­tion changes). That’s an aver­age merged PR size of +156 / ‑297.

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